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Get ready for an extreme water adventure with a jet ski ride. Feel the adrenaline rush as you speed across the waves and enjoy the thrill of the ride! Book now!
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Riding a jet ski (jet ski) is one of the most popular types of water activities. Renting a jet ski in Barcelona alone, with one or two friends, will allow you to have fun, see the sights of the city from the sea coast, experience a strong adrenaline rush, and get new impressions and emotions.

Barcelona Boat Rental provides both a stand-alone hourly jet ski rental service, and as an additional entertainment to order a trip on a yacht or during any event.

Even for beginners, to rent a jet ski, it is not necessary to have at least minimal driving experience and a license to operate this vehicle. With such permission, you can rent a jet ski with a license in Barcelona to ride alone. In its absence, an instructor is needed who will drive this jet ski or sail alongside on another jet ski, which guarantees your water safety.

The minimum duration for which you can order a jet ski without a license is half an hour. For 1 hour or more, it is possible to book this vehicle with a license.

Force majeure circumstances, due to which it is possible to cancel a ride on a jet ski or transfer it to another day, are considered unfavorable meteorological conditions when the sea is stormy, it is raining heavily, or windy. In these cases, being on the water is life-threatening. As all of our watercraft are thoroughly inspected before launching, certain watercraft may be canceled if a malfunction is discovered. Then either a replacement for another model will be offered, or the walk is postponed until the time when this breakdown is fixed.

Renting a jet ski requires a preliminary briefing half an hour before the start of the trip. Otherwise, this time is subtracted from the already paid order. The cost of renting a jet ski includes the provision of special equipment - a neoprene wetsuit and a life jacket, as well as detailed instructions on how to manage and safety on the water.

Frequently asked questions about jet ski rentals in Barcelona

The cost of renting jet skis is 100 euros/30 minutes - if you don't have a license, and 150 euros/hour - for license holders.

To book a jet ski, a deposit is required for each vehicle:

  • without a license - 100 euros;
  • with a license - 500 euros.

This amount will be returned immediately after the end of the trip if the jet ski is returned to its original condition.

No, but those who ride recently or do not have a license will have a speed limit key. For those who have experience and a license to operate a jet ski, there will be no speed limit.

The main condition for riding a jet ski is the age of 18 years. When organizing competitions on jet skis and riding several people at the same time, it is necessary to provide documents proving their identity.

  1. Preliminary briefing on the correct driving of a jet ski and safety on the water
  2. Riding one or two passengers, depending on the model chosen.
  3. Fill the tank with fuel.
  4. Special equipment for water activities - neoprene wetsuit and life jacket for each user.

Be sure to bring swimwear and a towel with you.

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