Catamaran Tour in Barcelona

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Port Olimpic, Barcelona
  • 13.7 m
  • 2 hours min.
  • 30 Guests
  • Catamaran Rental
Popular catamaran for rent in Barcelona refitted in 2021 for private events. Equipped with a cockpit table, coffee machine, deck shower, freezer, and microwave.
  • 10.89 m
  • 4 hours min.
  • 11 Guests
  • Catamaran Rental
The fast, lightweight, maneuverable, and safe catamaran "Dos Dracs (Aventura 36)" is designed to provide pleasure and comfortable leisure on the water.
Marina Port Vell, Barcelona
  • 12,35 m
  • 2 hours min.
  • 12 Guests
  • Catamaran Rental
A new catamaran with a helm station and sunbathing area on the flybridge. It has two lounge areas, one with a table under the shade in the aft and an open one in the bow.
  • 22.8 m
  • 2 hours min.
  • 100 Guests
  • Big Boats Rental, Catamaran Rental
One of the most spacious open-type sail catamarans in Barcelona, featuring two main relaxation areas, one under the tent and the other open in the bow with nets.
Marina Vela, Barcelona
  • 12.35 m
  • 2 hours min.
  • 11 Guests
  • Catamaran Rental
Explore Barcelona's waters in style on the Lagoon 400 (Elan) catamaran, with a sleek design, outdoor seating, and a dinghy. Accommodates up to 11.
Marina Vela, Barcelona
  • 11.74 m
  • 2 hours min.
  • 11 Guests
  • Catamaran Rental
Luxurious new 2021 sailing catamaran in Barcelona! Unforgettable vacation with friends, family, or just for two in the Mediterranean Sea.
Port Vell, Barcelona
  • 23.4 m
  • 1 hour min.
  • 250 Guests
  • Big Boats Rental, Catamaran Rental
The largest and most spacious eco catamaran in Barcelona for rent. It features a huge flybridge and an open-forward area with nets for relaxation.
Port Olimpic, Barcelona
  • 18 m
  • 2 hours min.
  • 78 Guests
  • Big Boats Rental, Catamaran Rental
Spacious open-type Sensation S1 catamaran is perfect for parties, bachelorette/bachelor events, corporate functions, or just a sea trip. Get an unforgettable experience with friends.
Port Olimpic, Barcelona
  • 24 m
  • 1 hour min.
  • 147 Guests
  • Big Boats Rental, Catamaran Rental
Motor catamaran «Cala San Vicente» offers stable cruising with stunning panoramic views of Barcelona. Wi-Fi, sound system, and 2 toilets included.
Port Olimpic, Barcelona
  • 23.4 m
  • 1 hour min.
  • 147 Guests
  • Big Boats Rental, Catamaran Rental
Luxury motor catamaran Eco Slim offers a stunning experience on the water for up to 147 guests. Features solar panels, audio system, and bar.

Catalonia’s stunning landscape is particularly impressive when viewed from the sea. As a result, both tourists and residents alike will appreciate a catamaran tour in Barcelona along the Gold Coast. Barcelona Boat Rental offers comfortable catamarans, intriguing itineraries, and maximum enjoyment for your vacation.

Private Catamaran Tours

Barcelona is well-known for its beaches and ports. Private catamaran tours in Barcelona provide an opportunity to appreciate the cityscape from the sea, with a personal touch and flexible schedules. A smaller number of participants ensures a comfortable atmosphere on board. These trips offer a unique perspective of the city’s landmarks, the chance to swim and snorkel in the Mediterranean Sea, and an introduction to local cuisine. Overall, private catamaran excursions are an excellent choice for a memorable experience in Barcelona.

Group Catamaran Tours

Sea travel becomes even more enjoyable when shared with friends or family. Group catamaran tours in Barcelona allow you to take pleasure in stunning views, engaging conversation, and onboard entertainment. These events are perfect for corporate functions, weddings, or friendly gatherings. Group catamaran excursions provide a comfortable voyage, an introduction to local attractions, activities such as snorkeling, and an opportunity to sample local delicacies.

Catamaran Cruise in Barcelona

A vacation in Spain is incomplete without the incredible experience of a catamaran cruise in Barcelona. This memorable Mediterranean journey offers panoramic views of the city from the water, as well as the chance to explore its rich marine life. During a Barcelona catamaran cruise, guests can enjoy the sun, fresh sea breeze, and delicious Spanish snacks. These excursions cater to families, romantic couples, groups of friends, and adventure seekers alike.

How to Choose a Catamaran for a Sea Cruise Along Barcelona’s Coast

To select the ideal catamaran for a boat trip, consider the number of people and the duration of the journey. The following items are always provided on our catamarans, and the main criteria for choosing a catamaran include:

  1. Size: A larger yacht ensures a more comfortable stay and less pitching.
  2. Shower and toilet: These are crucial for trips lasting more than one hour. The shower should provide fresh water.
  3. Sunshade: This is important when booking a summer tour, as the sun is very strong in Barcelona.
  4. Convenient ladder: If you plan to swim in the sea, the ladder should be sturdy and extend to an adequate depth.
  5. Tableware: Wine glasses, cutlery, plates, and coasters for bottles and glasses should be available onboard.
  6. Refrigerator: This is essential for guest convenience, as food and drinks heat up quickly in the summer.
  7. Blankets: These are important onboard during colder seasons, as it is chillier at sea than onshore.
  8. Year of manufacture: Photos may not accurately represent the yacht’s condition, so it is helpful to consider the catamaran’s manufacturing year or its refurbishment date.

What to Bring on a Catamaran Cruise

While each catamaran typically has everything needed for a comfortable stay, we recommend bringing the following items:

  • Swim trunks or swimsuit
  • Towel
  • Hat, T-shirts, and sunglasses
  • Camera or camcorder
  • Food, drinks, and water as desired

Eco Catamarans in Barcelona

Ecological Catamaran – Eco Slim

The Eco Slim is a single-deck, eco-friendly motor catamaran without a flybridge, measuring 23.4 meters long and 10 meters wide. Designed to accommodate up to 147 people, this catamaran was produced in 2016. It features two bathrooms on board and an open sun deck with sun nets at the front. The catamaran salon offers natural ventilation, with numerous tables and comfortable seating. Solar panels are installed on the roof, and the catamaran also includes a music system and a bar counter. The minimum booking for the Eco Slim catamaran starts at one hour.

Ecological Catamaran – Eco Sail

The Eco Sail is Barcelona’s largest and most spacious eco-friendly sailing catamaran. Boasting two decks and an uncovered flybridge, this catamaran can accommodate up to 250 guests. It measures 23.4 meters long and 10 meters wide and was produced in 2019. The yacht’s bow features an open deck with nets for sitting or sunbathing, and high railings line the catamaran’s perimeter. The salon is equipped with tables, chairs, and a bar counter. The minimum booking for the Eco Sail catamaran starts at one hour.

Catamaran Boat Trips in Barcelona

Embrace adventure along the Spanish coast with catamaran boat trips in Barcelona. These excursions will be a vivid memory of your vacation, featuring stunning city views, swimming in the clear Mediterranean waters, and the chance to encounter dolphins. During the boat trips, you can relax on deck, savor fragrant Spanish sangria, and enjoy delicious local snacks. This is the perfect way to spend time with family, loved ones, or friends while enjoying a sea voyage.

Popular Catamarans for Boat Trips

• Catamaran Lagoon 400 (Elan)
• Catamaran Aventura 36 (Dos Dracs)
• Catamaran Outremer 42
• Catamaran Bali 4.1 (Serena)
• Catamaran Nautitech 40.5 (Blue Magic)
• Catamaran CAT 80 (Sensation S1)
• Catamaran Fountaine Pajot Tahiti 78 (Orsom)

Catamaran Boat Trip Itineraries

  • 1-Hour Catamaran Boat Trip Route: This route enables you to see the World Trade Center, Maremagnum, Europe Gate Bridge, Clock Tower, and Montjuic. A bonus is that the route passes by cruise ship terminals, providing an opportunity to admire these colossal vessels from the water.
  • 1.5-Hour Catamaran Boat Trip Route: This itinerary allows you to view almost the entire coastline of Barcelona from the water, including the most distant part of the city – the Forum area.
  • Full-Day Catamaran Trip Itinerary: Barcelona Boat Rental offers a selection of motorized and sailing catamarans for comfortable trips along Barcelona’s coast. Accommodating 2 to 250 people, these trips last a minimum of 2 hours, with individually customized routes and entertainment.

The catamaran sails along the city’s coastline, showcasing prominent sights and offering picturesque views of local architecture and natural landscapes. Midway through the journey, the vessel enters a serene bay with clear water, where guests can swim and bask in the gentle sun.

At lunchtime, the boat docks in central Barcelona, where a pre-ordered table awaits guests at a restaurant of their choice. If preferred, we can arrange a meal at sea, with a mini-bar and picnic consisting of various dishes and snacks on the yacht.

The bar menu includes soft drinks, champagne, and light snacks, with further options available upon request. Leave your inquiry on our website or call for more details.

In the evening, during the boat trip, you’ll witness a panorama of Barcelona’s enchanting city lights. Therefore, Barcelona Boat Rental encourages guests to carefully select the time of their yacht excursion. A full-day boat trip in Barcelona offers the most vivid impressions.

Booking Conditions for Catamaran Trips

Catamarans for sea trips are provided exclusively with a captain. Rental costs and maximum capacities are detailed in each boat’s description. Boats are moored only in equipped ports, not on piers or beaches. The use of all amenities onboard is included in the trip’s price, and a fishing tackle is provided at no extra charge.
To book, select a catamaran for your desired date, duration, and type of trip, then click the “Order” button. We will send you details for advance payment via WhatsApp messenger, which is 50% of the total cost. Payment can be made with a bank card or through a payment gateway on our website. After making the prepayment, you will receive a booking confirmation via WhatsApp. For legal entities, 100% payment by bank transfer is possible. The day before your trip, we will send a reminder with the contact number of our representative. In case of bad weather, we will reschedule the trip to the next available date with favorable conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions about Catamaran Excursions

The cost of a catamaran tour depends on the specific catamaran you choose, the trip’s duration, and the season, but the minimum cost starts at 240 euros per hour for the entire catamaran.

To prepare an exciting adventure for you, all details must be discussed in advance. First, we need to know:

  • The planned date of the trip.
  • Your preferred type of boat.
  • The duration of the catamaran will be needed – typically for 2 hours, longer, or the whole day.
  • The number of people on board, including children.
  • Whether lunch should be provided on the boat.

Additionally, you can express your preferences regarding the route or rely on our experienced captain’s suggestions. After that, we will confirm your itinerary, include your desired entertainment in the program, and make a reservation at the restaurant. All that remains is for you to make the payment using a convenient method and enjoy the trip on your chosen day.

Don’t miss out on an unforgettable adventure! Call us now at +34 622 772 600 to book your catamaran tour in Barcelona.

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